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Logbook Servicing

When buying a new vehicle, the warranty that comes with it protects the owner from certain expenses that stem from faults in the vehicle’s manufacture. To maintain the warranty it’s expected that the vehicle be brought to a reputable mechanic for regular servicing to maintain your vehicle’s logbook.

We can provide logbook servicing for all makes and models of petrol and diesel vehicles. We’ll let you know of any serious flaws developing in your vehicle that will need repairs later, and you’ll drive away with an intact warranty.

Brake Repairs

Your vehicle’s brakes are arguably the most important safety feature your vehicle has. The amount of wear and tear on your brakes can make the difference between a safe emergency stop and an expensive trip to a panel beater.

We can provide replacement brake pads, discs, drums and more, as well as check your brake hydraulics for problems that might interfere with your vehicle’s stopping power.

Steering & Suspension

Body roll and other ride comfort issues can be resolved in most cases by worn or faulty suspension parts, and many handling issues stem from deterioration in the steering system.

We can provide customers with a comprehensive front-end service, from checking the steering column and power steering systems to replacing faulty car springs, shock absorbers and bushes. We can also fit and balance tyres for your vehicle, and align your wheels for maximum control on the road.

Clutch & Transmission

Your vehicle’s transmission is an intricate and precise work of engineering, and any faults here can quickly cascade into serious mechanical problems.

We can provide repairs and servicing for all manual and automatic transmissions, as well as repairs for your vehicle’s differential and CV joints.

Radiators & Cooling

An overheating engine can very quickly sideline your vehicle. If you suspect your vehicle’s overheating, pull over immediately and call us before any further harm is done to your vehicle.

We can repair or replace your ailing radiator and heater unit, head gasket and thermostats, as well as conducting coolant flushes of your system to dislodge blockages.

Air Conditioning

Driving in Australia through the warmer months can be made unbearable without a working air conditioning system. But contrary to popular belief, most of the damage it sustains comes from the lack of use in cooler months – the hosing can become brittle and crack in colder weather, leaving you with a faulty system when you need it.

We can conduct repairs of your vehicle’s air con system, as well as conduct re-gassing in accordance with ARC regulations, all to ensure your vehicle’s just as cool as you require all summer long.

Diagnostics & Auto Electrical

With vehicles becoming more and more sophisticated when it comes to the electronic systems onboard, it takes a dedicated auto electrician to keep pace.

Our workshop is equipped with the latest in diagnostic scan tools, helping us locate faults in your vehicle’s electrical systems quickly and get you back on the road sooner. We can also provide, alternators and starter motors, install upgraded lighting solutions and we offer nationwide coverage on our Supercharge Batteries.

Other Services

We offer a wide range of other services, including, but not limited to:

  • Pre-purchase inspections

  • Windscreen repair and replacement

  • Exhaust repairs, replacements, upgrades and modifications

  • Tyres for passenger cars and 4WD

  • Fleet services

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